Back in the previous millennium we lived a few years in Iceland. We had a Suzuki Samurai at the time and did some exploring.

Strange, more than two decades later and fifteen minutes into this video…

Ya, that’s enough, still done with that place..

Boat visit on a rainy day. More cowbell.

Thought I would post something here.

Went by the Bell Saturday to get some camping gear off and check on her. It was pouring rain so we decided to check out the lounge at the Marina as we waited for a break.

View from the lounge, photo by Lizzy
By Lizzy
Grandad’s truck by Lizzy

Had a dead fish in the cockpit. Luck was with us as it seemed fresh.

Dead fish

Lizzy says this post needs more cowbell.

Have a good one.



Looks like the shift cable for our A4 has decided to call it quits. Time to see if West Marine can duplicate it.

That large handle, ya does nothing at the moment.

Boatyard and Sailing.

Having identified and fixed the overheating issues with Lori Bell the decision has been made that we should actually sail our sailboat.



The overheating issue was caused by the method used to clean the block at the machine shop in Titusville. They had media blasted the cooling section as best as possible before installing new sleeves. They did not hat dip the block as there was not tank available. Quite a bit of crud was left inside the channels of the block and head and due to the cooling system now being a closed loop this crud had collected at the lowest point in the loop, the hose between the electric pump and block. If I had descaled the motor after the rebuild these issues may have been avoided.

With helper.
On the water.


With a functionibg motor at high tide I left our marina in Wilbur for the last time.  Our first time out in over 2 years.  I proceeded to Seven Seas boatyard and had her hauled out.

On the way North.
Lift slipway
Coming out.

She has a fresh bottom now., The first since May of 2014. The good news is West Marine was having a BOGO on bottom paint, nice at over $130 a gallon.

New bottom, old boat.
First time Lizzy dropped a boat.
In she goes.

We put on the foresail and at a sedate speed of just 3.5 knots sailed up to our new slip. She is across the river just 1.3 miles from the house. Now to get back into the groove.

List of things to do.

  • Descale the motor
  • Change the oil
  • Tune the rig
  • Place the mainsail
  • Replace the traveler
  • Replace cabin top handrails (have a call in to Catalina about a new set)
  • Fix the AIS
  • Calibrate the autopilot
  • Figure out why the depth sounded is not working
  • Sail



Fire at a Marina

Over Christmas vacation we were in Sanford working on our old digs, getting them ready to sell. As we do not have kitchenware we ran by one of those fast food joints and headed to the lakefront to enjoy a view with our dinner.

Something was burning.

As we ate we notice one, then two, then three fire trucks heading towards Marina island. Of course we had to see what was up.

Here be firemen.

Sure enough there was a boat fire at the marina. Smoke was coming out of a cruiser we guessed to be a 30ft with inboard motors.

Is that a chainsaw?

We could not see the name on the boat as there was a hard bottomed dink strapped to the transom but it looked pretty nice. Sporting a good quality dink, marine radar and communications mast.

Smoke was coming from the cabin and as the firemen were working we saw flames licking up from the fantail area in front of the dink.

A fire hose was produced and a chainsaw started to work and although obscured we assume they cut a hole in the deck and sprayed into the cavity underneath the deck.

After they appeared to get the fire under deck (one can assume engine fire) under control the fire crew proceeded to liberally spay down the inside of the cabin and cockpit.

Lori and I found the entire event quite traumatic. What if that was our boat motor on fire? Our cockpit being hosed down? Our prayers go out to the boat owner.

After a bit we left the drama of the fire with fire crews roaming about. The boat was still afloat and by later in the day that followed it was gone so we can guess the owner had it towed and pulled.

Lori Bell

She still floats. I now have an Alexa boat list of work to be done to her. She will be getting a new bottom (osmosis) once the Sanford house sells.

Blog posts.

I just realized a few of my latest posts did not get published. Most likely my fault.

Short version.

So we now live beach side, are attempting to get our old inland home ready to sell and are about to get slammed by a hurricane. Granddad’s truck is running fine. Now back to it…

All things come together.

Waiting for parts.

The truck saga has new urgency today. This relates directly to the Lori Bell and actions surrounding it.

Last week we visited the Bell. She sits in her slip covered in sad green mildew. Her batteries float at 13.5 volts on the solar panel and the interior sees the predations of time and inattention. On leaving her we discussed speeding the repairs to the broken pressure washer I got for free from a friend.

Driving the block to the beach ramp we noticed an Open House at a residence for sale, stopping to look at it we discussed it was not what we wanted but we would love to live beachside.

Another Cane

Stopped by the boat as another hurricane approaches. Looking at the float on the house batteries it is time to replace them. If we survive this event that will be first on the list, followed by getting her moved to a marina close to the house.Have our new to us place beach side all buttoned up. Let us hope this is a big non event. The next few days will tell. Here is the surf as of September 2nd, 2019 just down the street. Not a good day to be out in the ocean unless you are a adrenaline junkie with a death wish.

Granddads Truck

Lizzy and I have been working on granddads C10.


It is very fun to climb around on.

We have accomplished quite a bit since August.

we have the new 350, manifold, clutch and transmission all back in the truck.


New head lamps and LED parking lights.

I have given the wiring a bit of attention. All bulbs but the headlights are being converted to LED arrays.

Removed the bed to rehab the rear end.


There she sits.





New coil springs, shocks, fluids, stainless brake lines and POR-15 rust coating.

I also moved a frame cross member and installed a 31 gallon Blazer fuel tank and plumbed in a fuel line.


Rough fit, the tank actually ended up 3″ further aft.

The interior has been worked on, cleaned up.

New seat belts, new seat cover, all new gauges in a new dash insert, horn  circuit rebuilt.

Here are some teaser before pictures.

Whats Left?

The front disk brake conversion and brake bleeding needs to be done. After that we put the bed back on and plumb the fuel fill hose.  The truck then drives to a local shop for a new exhaust system and windshield install.  After that we find a body shop and spend some money.