Local News- Boat sinks in Ponce Inlet

I think I will start adding local interest boating news to this blog.  More content is good I guess.

I was within a mile of this location during Xmas vacation, News story link.

We ran about 6 miles south in Mosquito lagoon. Also a sand bar on the west side of the channel.   It happens.  We backed off with no damage.

The grounding is discussed on this Cruiser Forum thread with comments from the owner of the boat and photos of the hole.

Pretty interesting stuff all in all.

A break in the action.

Looks like no visit to the Clew this week. Life is keeping us busy and Sunday morning looks to have temps near freezing.

Things are still getting done however.

Purchased a siphon for transferring fuel, pouring out of 6 gallon jugs sucks under the best conditions so it should help. Also purchased a new cap for one of our Jerry cans as the old one leaked.

Have a guide and chart book for the Keys coming from Amazon. This should prove useful in planning our trip.

I am also receiving a ocean grade fishing rod in the near future. As I already have a book on the kindle on the subject I plan to bone up so we can catch our own food.

Thing continue apace.

On the subject of plans for the near future.

On our next 3 day weekend we will most likely be traveling down to Port Canaveral and taking the Clew outside (into the Atlantic) for the first time. It is unlikely we will journey more than 10 to 15 miles out but the prospect of sailing outside the ditch is exciting.

Saturday at the boat

Although Lori and I spent most of Saturday working on the Galley we did manage to have a pretty fun and eventful weekend.


We started the day with a pretty good breakfast of sausage, eggs, hot coco and coffee. All prepared on our Max Burton stove.

Took the boys for a walk and got a pretty good picture of a pelican.


During the day while we slaved away on the boat Charlie stood guard, ensuring other dogs were warned off with his ferocious growls and barking.  Of course, he ignores people, so not really that good of a guard dog. I imagine he finds the job better than the pound we rescued him from.


After finishing our work we took the boat out sailing.  We practiced changing tacks on the jib with Lori working the port sheet and myself working the starboard sheet.    The wind was at 15 to 20 knots so we were traveling fairly fast even tho we were only using the jib.

We returned to the dock just at 6pm as the sun was going down.   I had to clean out my french press so I went up on the dock and proceeded to rinse it out using the spigot.  Little did I know there was a manatee under the dock and they apparently love tap water.

I walked back to the boat and saw a matinee with its head above water catching the last few drops from the spigot I used to clean my coffee pot.  He left once the drips stopped, so I went up and turned the spigot back on and sure enough he returned.



It was twilight so the photos are grainy.

Galley refit Saturday

Today work centered around galley sink.

IMG_5959 - Copy

The above photo is actually the Icebox, visible because I had to cut away the galley bulkhead to access the bottom of the sink.  You can see the hole for the sink on the left.

We replaced all the below counter plumbing and redid some of the DC wiring.


We also installed a 13″ teak handrail above the sink.  Installed fairly easy.

  1. Measure and drill 2 holes thru the bulkhead large enough for the 2″ stainless lag bolts, beveled the outer edges with a knife to allow sealant to get a better grip on the bolts.
  2. Drilled top pilot hole and attached handle with Lag and washer sealing the exterior with 3m 5200 sealant
  3. Drilled lower pilot hole thru using existing lower hole to ensure it lined up.
  4. Lagged and sealed lower half of handle.

Now we have a working sink and a spot to hang dish towels.   All good.

Projects left to do.

  • Bow roller
  • Rode attachment
  • Install new 2nd battery
  • Finish installation of the battery charger
  • Swim ladder
  • Dinghy
  • Reefing setup
  • re-bed window(s)
  • seal various leaks
  • keel bolt upgrade

Sawzalls, sinks, hand rails, Oh My….

Well lets look at this weekends to do list.

  1. Repair galley sink, I will need to cut an access port in the galley with a sawzall for this.  Promises to be fun.
  2. Insulate the icebox with foam panel and spray foam- should be easier since I will have a nice access hole cut with a sawzall
  3. Install handrail over the sink (companionway), good place to hang towels.
  4. Make replacement hatch covers (composite replacing old plywood)
  5. Install mini blinds
  6. Install that bow roller
  7. Go sailing, possibly overnight. Make some pancakes on  the griddle and coffee for breakfast

And that is my list for this week, with luck I get 50% done…



Yes, we actually spent a few hours……. Wait for it…….

Lori worked the jib sheets and furler as well as took down the main and secured the Halyard.

We had a great time sailing back and forth between the bridges at Titusville, running before the wind and then doing a close reach back, Got the boat heeled to 20%. Tons of fun.