Galley refit Saturday

Today work centered around galley sink.

IMG_5959 - Copy

The above photo is actually the Icebox, visible because I had to cut away the galley bulkhead to access the bottom of the sink.  You can see the hole for the sink on the left.

We replaced all the below counter plumbing and redid some of the DC wiring.


We also installed a 13″ teak handrail above the sink.  Installed fairly easy.

  1. Measure and drill 2 holes thru the bulkhead large enough for the 2″ stainless lag bolts, beveled the outer edges with a knife to allow sealant to get a better grip on the bolts.
  2. Drilled top pilot hole and attached handle with Lag and washer sealing the exterior with 3m 5200 sealant
  3. Drilled lower pilot hole thru using existing lower hole to ensure it lined up.
  4. Lagged and sealed lower half of handle.

Now we have a working sink and a spot to hang dish towels.   All good.

Projects left to do.

  • Bow roller
  • Rode attachment
  • Install new 2nd battery
  • Finish installation of the battery charger
  • Swim ladder
  • Dinghy
  • Reefing setup
  • re-bed window(s)
  • seal various leaks
  • keel bolt upgrade

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