Saturday at the boat

Although Lori and I spent most of Saturday working on the Galley we did manage to have a pretty fun and eventful weekend.


We started the day with a pretty good breakfast of sausage, eggs, hot coco and coffee. All prepared on our Max Burton stove.

Took the boys for a walk and got a pretty good picture of a pelican.


During the day while we slaved away on the boat Charlie stood guard, ensuring other dogs were warned off with his ferocious growls and barking.  Of course, he ignores people, so not really that good of a guard dog. I imagine he finds the job better than the pound we rescued him from.


After finishing our work we took the boat out sailing.  We practiced changing tacks on the jib with Lori working the port sheet and myself working the starboard sheet.    The wind was at 15 to 20 knots so we were traveling fairly fast even tho we were only using the jib.

We returned to the dock just at 6pm as the sun was going down.   I had to clean out my french press so I went up on the dock and proceeded to rinse it out using the spigot.  Little did I know there was a manatee under the dock and they apparently love tap water.

I walked back to the boat and saw a matinee with its head above water catching the last few drops from the spigot I used to clean my coffee pot.  He left once the drips stopped, so I went up and turned the spigot back on and sure enough he returned.



It was twilight so the photos are grainy.


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