Watermakers, Oh my… News

This post goes under provisioning and long term planning.

We do not plan on getting a watermaker for this boat as the cost of a good one would be over 100% of what we paid for the boat itself.   For the next few years we plan to just use a bunch of gallon jugs and the on board tank.  Annoying at times, but since we are not intending to take the Clew out for more than a few days at a time we can make the arrangement work.

Here is a LINK for a watermaker.

Our next boat will be a 32 to 38 (who knows, we may want a 42 when the time comes).  We intend to do longer passages and travel to Europe and the South Pacific so a watermaker is on the radar in about 8 or 9 years.

Here is an interesting article on a new breakthrough in watermaker tech.   

Invest in Lockhead if this works out.   It has applications in more fields than boat alone.   It is good news all around. 


2 thoughts on “Watermakers, Oh my… News

  1. We didn’t have a watermaker on our first boat, but we do on this one. We also didn’t have a dog the first time around, and we do now. Let’s just say, keeping sand off the boat and off the dog takes a lot of water. I used the dog for an excuse to get a watermaker, but I love having one.

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