Best laid plans and all that jazz… Coffee break.

What a couple of days it has been.  Not bad days, just days that you have to roll with things and do your best.


Thursday morning the F-150’s battery finally called it quits after 6+ years of service.  I pulled it out that night and loaded into the sidecar along with the Clews 2nd battery that I need to replace.    I planned to run by Sams club after work, get the batteries, run by CVS and pick up a perscription and still be home in time to make it to a church dinner.


Well, as it turns out I got hung up on a job at work and did not get back to town until 6:30pm and as luck would have it had just started to rain.   I bee lined it home in a light drizzle and as I pulled up the drive was rewarded with a clang as my kickstarter fell off.  Image

I count myself as lucky since as it could have fallen off on the road never to be seen again.  Had I made my planned stops I may have been stranded.  This reminds me, I need to check the trunk of the sidecar and make sure the tool kit is still there.

Off I went to the pharmacy in the car, no church dinner for us. I picked up pizza and was rewarded for the effort by loosing a crown. Crunch crunch… Nice..


Our quest for a workable dinghy is at an end.    I have been scouring the local Craigslist for a ding and found an Achilles 8ft Hypalon dinghy nearby.  We went and took a peak at it today and were thrilled with it, bought it on the spot.  It is obviously superior to the PVC ding we currently have.


Can’t wait until we get to try it out with our outboard.

Coffee Break

I have been using the trusty old french press for my coffee as it makes a pretty good cup of joe.   However after a few weekends cleaning the rig get tiresome as it is pretty messy and requires a bit too much water to rinse out well.

After searching topics on the Cruiser forum and browsing Amazon I came up with a cup and filter cone setup that appears to be perfect for my needs. (Lori does not drink coffee)

Here is the filter.ImageIt works well with a #4 cone.  2 cones of water will fill my new mug.

Added brewing photo…


Here is the mug.

ImageI think this is one of the best travel mugs ever.  It is Vacuum insulated (floats), spill resistant, has a wide sticky rubber base, perfect for the boat.  I have used it the last 2 weekend and it will keep 20oz of coffee warm all day.   I love this mug.


Life is full of curves.   It looks that our 3 week trip to the Keys and Dry Tortugas are out this year.   We will most likely be taking a week  or so sailing to St. Augustine instead.  The plan being 3 days up and 3 days back with a few days on the hook near the fort.

Looking at the calender we have zero full days off without any commitments before we depart in early April.   It looks like we will be taking some trips out to the coast during the week to prep the Clew.   Life is busy.


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