I find myself skipping over the details at times. Details that make sailing and life in general fun. Here are a few.

The jib filling for the first time in the day and the sensation of the boat accelerating under sail.

Sitting on the lee side of the cockpit under sail with 15 degrees of heel looking up into the rigging and watching the sails.

Working with Lori as a team to rig the sails. Sometimes I will be on the helm and she will be climbing about and at other times she will be helming the boat.

The constant motion of being under sail in a smaller boat. Just the act of sitting upright required more work that appreciated. The gently pitch and roll that requires adjustments as you work on a task.

Seeing a consistent improvement in my partners skills and hoping I myself am also learning.

Relaxing in your berth at 5am with the companionway open watching the stars, the view framed by the boom with the sail furled roughly to it.

About our marina de jour

We got here at about 6pm last night. The marina is situated on the Halifax river with slips on piers going out into same.

When we pulled in the tide was rising and there was quite a bit of currents,1 or 2 knots, flowing through our slip. This is the first time either of us has tied up with current.

After a few failed attempts using the method from our home slip we finally figured it out. Lori working the tiller and throttle and me throwing the ropes we tied up bow to the current.

Our marina “Seven Seas” has a small greasy spoon dinner. Unfortunately that was closed last night so we loaded Conner into our folding cart and went out for dinner.


Sadly, most of the finer dinning in Daytona beach is not dog friendly. We availed ourselves of the local Burger KIng, not the worst food and here the whopper Jr. are $1.29. I only mention this because on a visit to New Hampshire they charged us $2.50 for them.

On the way back I noticed Conner drinking heartily while riding in the cart. I mentioned to Lori that is was pretty nice of her to give him water. She responded with surprise, as Conner had managed to take the lid off the water cup (the cart has cup holders) and get a drink all of his own accord. Even old and blind he still manages to get into things.

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