Of carts and cookies….

Yesterday we motored from Daytona Beach up here to St Augustine.

Had the advantage of the tide most of the way. I estimate it saved us 1 of 2 hours. We were averaging 6 to 7 knots surface speed even though the boat only goes 5 knots at 80% throttle. I believe that the few hours we were at 7 knots we were at .5 knot over the max hull speed of our little 27.

Out on the town

This morning we went out on the town here. This is not the first time we have been here but this little town is still a nice place to visit.


Our folding wagon was a huge hit. We must have had 3 people ask us were we bought it. Conner likes it also as he rides in style.

We ate lunch at the Spanish Bakery. Very good fresh baked goods at a good price. Hard to find as it is tucked away in a corner along ST George street. Good cookies.


Also today our companionway ladder fell off the bulkhead. A fellow cruiser was nice enough to give me a replacement screw to replace the one that worried out its hole. Thanks Rick.



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