Ok, I am being a bit dramatic at the moment. We are just hard aground at low tide in the mud.

A bit of inattention on my part got us to the west of the channel into the sludge.

At the moment the tide is rising and we have improved from 15 degree off heel to 10.




We have a SeaTow account and gave them a call. They came out and looked us over and suggested we wait on the tide as to avoid possible rudder damage.

Here we wait, Lori reading a book in her rack and myself typing away on my iPhone.

Plantation Visit

Before our mishap we stopped at Kingsley Plantation. A good 2 hour stop for anyone who enjoys history.





2 thoughts on “Shipwrecked!!!

  1. You had me worried at first when I read shipwrecked! Awesome pictures, I would have loved the Kingsley plantation. Keep writing, really enjoy keeping up with you guys!

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