Our boat has crabs and Onward to Cumberland Island


As we were coming into the anchorage Lori was straightening up the cabin when in the corner of her eye she thought she saw a roach, and it was a big one. Quickly moving to crush the beast she realized it was a crab. About 1.5 inches across scurrying about in the vberth. It shot down between the cushions has thus far avoided capture.


We are no longer in St Mary’s we are now on the hook at Cumberland Island. We feel less isolated on anchor as we now have the motor for the ding fully functional.


We were able to ding ashore and have a quick look about this afternoon. We plan on exploring more extensively in the morning.

Charlie loves the dinghy. 20130415-205415.jpg20130415-205454.jpg

We returned to the boat just before sunset. A special feeling in and of itself is returning to an anchored vessel. Surreal.







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