Termites! Return of the vermin.

Last weekend we took the clew out out sailing. Nothing special, just to and fro on the jib. Practiced tacks etc.

We noticed some wings about near the main starboard bulkhead. Not good. Looks as though our termite buddies are still aboard. I ordered some orang oil and pfume on Amazon and this weekend looks like bug control will be the order of the day.

Concerns about an old dog.

Conner is over 15 years old now and he seems to be getting frailer by the day. Poor guy still gets around and seems happy but has lost some weight. At one time he was fairly plump and a hassle to carry. Now he is a bit boney, poor guy is eating but it seems his apatite has diminished.

We have pretty much suspended overnights on the boat due to the pups issues. Just want to keep him at home and comfortable.