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iPhone 4 is back
Put the iPhone in a bag of desiccant for a week and it is now back to fully functional. I think I wi be posting some horse pictures in the near future. Lol.

For want of a bigger boat

I routinely scan Craigslist and for the “Deal”. Hoping to come across that once in a lifetime ocean e to pick up a good cruiser for cheap.

This week the “Deal” appeared to be a 1977 Wellington 47′ for sale locally. Some water damage and a new engine needed.

On doing some research I found that Wellingtons were built by a man of the same name just down the river from home in Jacksonville, Florida. This particular boat was the builders personal creation that was set up to tour the canals and waterways of Europe. He had a Tabernacle mast setup to allow low bridge passage.


From talking to the current owner the boat had done Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

It appears that the second owner had thought it wise to install teak decks, using about 8000 screws and resulting in a corresponding number of holes. This ” improvement” has resulted in the deck being about as water tight as a spaghetti strainer. Just feast your eyes on all those screws.


The following pictures are some of the interior.





However, Charlie did love the nice wide decks.


On our future investment scale Lori and I rated this as a brisk walk away from project. The potential beauty and utility of the boat make us hope the seller finds a buyer. The hull is solid but…….

At a Clew

After our boat shopping trip last night we proceeded to head on over to the Clew.

We finally put those mini-blinds in we have been ruminating about since purchasing her last November.

Before and after.



After finishing that project Lori, Charlie and I took in some of the local color up at the marinas ships store.


Sadly, I am a bit too cheap to pay for the ability to publish video. Let us just say the entertainment was excellent.

We spent our first night aboard since our April trip last night. Although we had to leave at dawn for me to get to work Saturday was much like a small enjoyable vacation.