Boating and Seamanship


Joined the United States Power Squadron today.

I enrolled in the boater safety course for $40 and received a 6 month membership.  Not a bad deal at all as I plan on switching from SeaTow to TowBoatUS.   Towboat US gives USPS members a 50% discount on their annual fee.   I actually save $30 and come away with a boating safety course under my belt that helps with insurance.

Another bonus is I will be able to fly the ensign on my starboard spreader.


Getting a little geeked out I guess.

Other News

Ordered a set of aluminum spreaders from Catalina Yachts.  At $285 for the set and cast end caps they offered the best price I could find.  The fact that they are the factory is an added bonus, the odd thing is communication with the parts department seems a bit lax by email, left a Voicemail and never got a call back.   My guess is they are primary set up to sell to dealers but as long as I get my spreaders I can over look it.


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