We do windows.

This weekend we scratched out 2 days to get some work done on the boat. The weather was not cooperative with rain showers rolling in at a pretty consistent interval.


In between showers we tried to rebed some of the windows on the boat using butyl rubber.



It appears they used something similar to plumbers putty to seal them previously.



Lori and I did our best to clean the windows up before replacing them.

Some issues we have run into on the three windows we got done.

  • Stripped out screw
  • Broken screws
  • Oversized screws
  • Missing screws

A trip to the store is in order to get some screws.

We did not get that much painting done. We had a 3 hours spell without a rain shower that allowed us to clean the deck and it to dry enough for a wipe-down with rags enabled painting. Lori did finish the starboard side of the house and I managed to clean, prep and paint the starboard side of the cockpit and combing.

Lori also got the barnacles off the dinghy with the help of a scaler loaned to us by a neighbor. Looking good.

We stayed busy for the two days we put in this weekend and got things done. Of course we hoped to get more painting done but the weather did not cooperate.


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