Just another List….

Things that need doing before she goes back in the water…


  1. Cut and fashion and tab in bulkhead to for holding tank
  2. Plumb in waste system
  3. Install waste vent, water tank vent and replace fuel vent
  4. Install waste pump
  5. Leak test waste system
  6. Drain diesel tank
  7. Replace sink drain thru hull and valve
  8. Install fresh water foot pump and hoses
  9. Install bilge blower & duct work
  10. Verify manual bilge pump operation
  11. Install sound deadener engine space
  12. Install backboards in engine space to attach heat exchanger, filters, strainers, coolant pump, coil
  13. Paint engine space
  14. Replace bilge pump outlet on transom
  15. Paint freeboard
  16. Replace prop with plastic CDI
  17. Clean bottom and prop shaft
  18. Repack stuffing box
  19. Install new Zinc on prop shaft
  20. Paint Bottom
  21. Verify operation of raw water intake thru hull and valve
  22. Lube all thru hull valves
  23. Verify torque on chainplates and replace aft port chainplate with galled threads
  24. Put name on transom

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