Progress on the A4

Up until now

I have not written much about our continuing adventure with the Atomic 4 engine.

It currently sits in the garage on a pallet. I try to put a few hours of work into it every week and we are making progress.

First thing I did was remove the plugs and put a spoonful of oil down each cylinder and let it sit. I then cranked the motor by hand pumping about a gallon only clean oil thru it.


After that I turned her over with the starter and no plugs. She did not have fire.

Replaced the ignition coil and cleaned the points. Lubed the advance and now we have spark.


Water Jacket Woes

After achieving spark we have moved on to rehabbing the water jacket. I removed the alternator and starter and after soaking the bolts with PB Blaster I pulled the water jacket cover.


To say there was a tad bit of corrosion would not be accurate. After cleaning up the motor with my angle grinder I realized I needed some parts.


I now have a new stainless steal cover, alternator tensioning arm, repair studs and various other parts. I ordered them from Moyer Marine, who specialize in the A4.

They also have a very helpful public forum.

Up next, cleaning out the water jacket and then rebuilding the side of the block with epoxy.

After the water jacket is revived I hope to clean the carburetor fire up the motor for the first time.

Then it is onto building a fresh water cooling system, control panel, wire harness and then installing the mess in the boat.


Last weekend

We did make it out to the Bell last weekend. Lori has been under the weather so I was left to do the work while she rested.

I did manage to sand the entire freeboard. Then washed and taped it.


Finished painting the semi-gloss paint above the rub rail and did get half of the first coat of gloss on the port side. By the about 2 pm on Sunday I called it quits. The step ladder had won and my calves were paying the price.


A good workout for sure.

The End of the Line

I end with a few photos of a boat that was listed on Craigslist for about the same price as ours when we bought it. It was not as lucky as ours was and it appears that she was purchased for the lead in its keel.



They are chopping her up with a Sawzall. Kinda sad.


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