Anchors, Diesel & Holes


Bought a new anchor today.

I frequent and read the postings there. Lots of cranky old men giving advise.

Last month they had a contest to win $1000 from Mantus anchors. Of course I entered but sadly did not win. However, last night Mantus allowed everyone that entered to claim 25% off any purchase.

I decided now is the time to get a new hook.

Saved $85. Not bad.

It will be replacing out fortress as our primary hook. Here is our old one in the locker.


Thank you Mantus.


We just drained the fuel tank of 8 gallons of nice looking diesel. Lori worked the valve on the tank. I handled the jugs. It went surprisingly easy.





Special thanks for John who supplied the wood scaffold to holt the jerry cans.

As you can see we drained it out the hole for the galley sink thru hull. Gravity did all the work.



Today we removed the raw water intake thru hull. I used a drill split the retention nut on the inside. Then out she came.



As you can see in the second photo the fitting had eroded away over time due to electrolysis. Both the screen and the threads. The valve that was atop this shattered with a tap of the hammer. The metal inside pink from electrolysis.

We will be replacing these with Marelon fittings. Plastic and immune to electrolysis common in marinas.

New York Strip

Time to hit the showers and head to Chef Larry’s.

Sunday we will be cleaning the Clew a bit before heading home as I have to work the late shift.

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