Stuffing box

For those not familiar, the stuffing box and shaft log are the bits the propeller shaft enters the boat thru. Being underwater having them leak would be a bad thing. To prevent said leakage I pulled apart the stuffing box yesterday.

I was worried it would be corroded to the point of being useless but we got lucky and she came apart fairly easily.

The stuffing itself seemed to be a clay like substance, not your standard packing.


I then had to clean the parts up.


Lucky for us the shaft looks really nice with no pitting under the box.

The new shaft log hose ( connects the box to the hull) I ordered from CD was too large. It turns out our shaft log and stuffing box are 1 1/2″ not the 1 5/8 that we got in the mail. No matter, we will putting the stuffing box back together this weekend after obtaining the proper hose.


Throttle Lever

Removed the old throttle lever from the cockpit. Seems the internals are so corroded together I can’t move the throttle independently from the shifter. Hopefully I can pull it apart on the bench and rebuild.


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