Motor, Water, Letters

Just a quick note this morning.

I finally was able to get the motor to idle. I appear to have a failed exhaust manifold that requires replacement. Our new manifold should be here by Monday.

The old one was cracked and exhaust gasses were flowing through the water jacket.


We now have new letters for naming the Bell. This weekend we will be putting them on , hope they look good.


Next Friday, the 16th, at 9am the Lori Bell should be back in the water.

We have a busy weekend ahead. Lettering, finalizing the motor mounts, upgrading the automatic bilge pump, wiring in the bilge blower and starting on the motor wire harness.

Add to the list a friends graduation party and mothers day dinner and our schedule is pretty full.

Masts and Parts

We have started to order parts for working on the mast.

New anchor light
New steaming and foredeck light
2 new VHF antennas (2nd for AIS)
2 rolls of lmr400 coaxial cable
New windex
1 flood light.

I stills need to get a backstay flag halyard and a pennant halyard for the spreader.

Spoke with Dennis the rigger, once I get the mast painted he said they can rerig and restep in one day. I just need to call him. I would really like to get it done before June but may run out of time.

The thought is to go full time on mast work after next Friday. Once we get her rigged we can sort the motor, companionway doors and cockpit floor out. It will be tight to get her sailing by July but all we can do us try.

Another C30


I leave you with this photo of a C30 that sat about 6 boats down from us.

Talking to the owner he said her last owner had been transferred out of town and put her out on the hook to save money. She split her line and ended up on her side in the mud for 4+ months. Suffice it to say her interior wood work and motor are shot due to water damage. He got her for a song.

I noticed that her keel seems about 8 inches shorter than ours, like someone cut her down. Not good, I did not mention this to the owner, he has enough on his hands.

The boatyard moved her out of her spot, sitting here here in the middle of the fairway. Now a catamaran sits stored were she was and her owner has an outboard strapped to her transom. I wonder if she still be there this weekend.


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