Boats and Trains, A Very Good Day

Boat Moving

After Church last night we visited Walmart to get some champagne and a paint roller. Why you ask? So we can put the Lori Bell back in the water.

We rose early this morning and I dawned my painting garb and gloves ant waited for the lift to appear.


And here it comes.


Once on the lift I had to scramble around with the roller and touch up the bottom under the stand bunks.


And then she was off to the water.

We move to head her off at the pass and record the events..

My fiddling below at the end there is to check for leaks with all the work we had done. Before pulling off the harness they like to know she will not sink. Our neighbor put his boat in and had a seacock left open with no hose attached. He found it unsettling having that much water filling his boat, it had been on the hard for five years.

After we had her in the water we pushed her into her new slip next to our old neighbor.

In her slip next to Betty once more

In her slip next to Betty once more

After that we returned to our now empty spot and gathered what was left of our stuff.

empty spot

No one home

We loaded up the trailer with our dinghy and the ladder and take it home.

Dinghy trailer

Loaded up Escape

We forgot to christen the boat with the champagne, oopppss, well there is always our next trip.


Lori and unloaded and returned the trailer and decided to take a train ride on the new SunRail. It is free thru Friday.

We road it down to Church Street Station, were Lori and I met each other 22 Years ago.

We stopped by The Exhange, were we met on the 3rd floor.


Exhange. 3rd floor

Lori and I standing on the spot we first met.

After that we went and had dinner at a Tiki Bar on Wall street. They had a neat gator, stuffed.

Tiki Bar


After that we road home. Love the SunRail, so easy and no stress of traffic, we will be riding again.


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