Control Cable Excitement- Filets and Delays

First a List

I have had a bit of time to think about the order of operations to get the motor in order and the Bell underway.  Here it is what I will be doing next.

  1. Fix back stay clevis pins (they are rigged poorly without the proper cotter pins)
  2. Align the motor with the shaft- I have a rough plan on lifting the front of the motor using a 4×4, floor jack, rope and ladder.
  3. Install and connect control cables
  4. Install exhaust system
  5. Install cooling system
  6. Finish final wiring of motor an batteries
  7. Install fuel system

Not bad, but a decent list.

Control Cables, Filet, First Delay

Yesterday I got home from work and decided to be industrious and clean up a bit. I wanted to sneak in a little boat work and as cleaning included pulling out my salvaged control cables I had purchased from Catalina Outfitters. (Found thru the Catalina 30 facebook forum)  I thought I could lube them and get a feel to the condition of the setup.  These cables combined with the control knob assembly that came with the Bell have me thinking we are in good shape.

I pulled them out and started opening the packaging first cutting away the box.   I was happy to see the morse clamp for attaching the cable end under the cabin sole was included with the end fitting to attach the cable to the shifter.   I got pretty excited and started removing the tie wraps that kept thing coiled up with my rigging knife.

Maxam Sailors Multi-Tool
by BF Systems

Awesome knife,  has a handy marlin spike, shackle key and sharp blade.

Control cables being unpacked.

Control cables being unpacked.

In the course of my excitement I got careless and slipped.  I knew something was wrong when I felt my trusty knife blade strike bone.

Filet O Hand

Filet O Hand

A nice deep gash in my right hand.  I immediately applied direct pressure and raised the wound above my heart.

Lori drove me to the local Centra Care and and about 1.5 hours later I was all stitched up

5 stitches later

5 stitches later

Lori and I discussed it and this episode is a good indicator that we need to take a first aid class that includes basic stitching and such.  We do have an emergency kit on the boat with strips but we think stitches and proper dressing needs to be added to the portfolio.

Now I can not use my right hand for the next 5 days,  not the end of the world since I am left handed but still and inconvenience.

More Delays

Not only is the work on the control cables and cleaning out the garage on hold but more is going on.

When we got home we found out from our Realtor that the rental house we are selling passed all inspections, we will have to close on it a week from Friday.  This is welcome in the long term as it frees me from maintenance concerns on that property but bad in that I need to get a lot of our stuff out of the garage.  It looks like this weekend I will be cleaning out that garage and stuffing the junk in our already junk filled garage.

Having limited hand use and Lori not being able to help due to the fact we have no desire to stress the baby make me not look forward to this weekend.

Will we get the boat going and into the other Marina before our little girl arrives?   It looks like very tight at the moment.

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