“These are not the slips you are looking for…”

I did not expect to be making a boat related update this weekend.    It is odd how things happen that I am now doing so.

Friday afternoon we had a knock on the door, strange in that the UPS guy usually drops the box on the stoop and hits the bell and runs.

I just happened to be close to the door so strolled over to find the mailman standing there with a certified letter. “Oh my” I signed for it and discovered it was from the City of Titusville, a marina contract.

Address redacted w baby shoe.

Address redacted w baby shoe.

My first thought was it was an eviction notice or some such due to our rotten dock lines and the fact we had not put our current state sticker on the boat, quite severe I thought.     I resolved to head out to Titusville first thing this morning and resolve these issues and get things straight.

At 8:00 this morning I kissed Lori and Elizabeth goodbye and drove out to the marina to make things right.

When I arrived I headed straight for the ships store and inquired about the letter.  “Oh that,  you a live-aboard? No, well that is just a new contract, everyone is getting one.”  Huh?

It turns out that the City Of Titusville is basically evicting all live-aboards out of the marina as of July 31st.  You can see a new rate schedule at the website and sure enough there are no live-aboard rates but for folks living out on the balls.


Yikes,  suffice it to say there are some unhappy folks at the marina.  As luck would have it I arrived just in time for a meeting between the live-aboards and the DockMaster and City Lawyer.

It was in the 90s but that is not the most heated thing happening at the marina this morning.

It was in the 90s but that is not the most heated thing happening at the marina this morning.

For those unfamiliar with the live-aboard community there are a few types.  But for brevity we will say there are Hobo types that live in a floating shack and then the retired community.  Most marina dwelling live-aboards fall into the “retired” category and as far as that goes I am of the opinion that they are usually more well off and have things together than the average person. Part of the appeal to Lori and myself of the boating lifestyle is the people you meet,  very fine people.

After listening in on the meeting a few minutes I came to the conclusion the State of Florida has made Live-Aboard leases for marinas untenable and the City is doing away with them.  My guess is the City is loosing money on the marina and wants the live-aboard lease issue resolved before putting it on the market.


After deciding the meeting was going no place very quickly I went over to the Lori Bell and replaced the dock lines.

old dock lines rotten and frayed

old dock lines rotten and frayed

I took the opportunity to take some current photos of the Lori Bell to document our refit work.

20 June 2015

20 June 2015

20 June 2015

20 June 2015

New bow lines and spring line.

New bow lines and spring line.

Here is how she looked before we started.

Genji in the water Oct 2013

Genji in the water Oct 2013

Lori Bell (Genji) waiting to be hauled out for refit.

Lori Bell (Genji) waiting to be hauled out for refit.

Nov 2013

Nov 2013


Of course nothing would be complete without the inclusion of our newest and dearest family member.

Here she is supervising me typing out blog.

Here she is supervising me typing out blog.

Happy happy happy happy…….

Titusville calling….

The best days in a boat owners life. 

At around 9 this morning the marina called. I told them I was sorry I did not make it out to change the lines as I was busy.  

As I was speaking with the this was who was asleep in my arms. 

Elizabeth Flora Lillian Monroe. Born at 11:26 14 June 2015. 5 lbs 10 oz. 

Suffice it to say the folks from the marina congratulated us.  I guess they will let things slide. 😄

Little girl is amazing. 


Ya, about those dock lines….

Monday I received a call from our new DockMaster in reference to our dock lines.   We need to replace them as they are not acceptable. 

We noticed it Sunday moving the Bell, the cheap Chinese anchor rode I was using as docklines had degraded in the sun and are now falling to pieces.  

I ordered a new set of 5 double braid black lines to replace them.  Seems that black is a unpopular color for dock lines as they were 30% the price of the blue or gold colored lines.   

Amazon delivered the lines Wednesday afternoon.  Lori and I were going to run out to Titusville Friday after work and I was to replace the lines and then we were going to have dinner at Chef Larry’s before going home as we planned to really start prepping the house for baby girls arrival. 

Thursday afternoon we went to the doctors office for Lori and Baby’s biweekly checkup.    

Baby gets 20 minutes on the monitor. 

Here you see a heart rate of 173.  Baby is having a kick and push on mommy fest. Really living it up and healthy and active.  Her rate is usually about 123 or so. 

Loris blood pressure (BP) was high and Doc worried about preeclampsia   decided it was best to send us to the hospital.  Winnie Palmer here in Orlando, they are the #2 hospital in the nation for baby deliveries. 

So here we are in still at the hospital , it is Saturday morning, and they have Lori’s BP under control with medication.  With the baby being 36+ weeks along they are working towards getting Lori to deliver conventionally thru the use of drugs in the next day or so.  Baby girl is fine but the fear is if Lori’s condition worsens it will endanger the baby.  

  Hospital Room with a view. 
The food is great and the room comfortable, I even have a Murphy bed to crash on at night. 

  They even have really nice water cups/bottles. 
Next stop for us,  parenthood,  and about those docklines………

Mid Week Update- List and a tidbit.

So now for a short mid week update.

I received a call from our new Dock master,  we need to replace our dock lines.   We noticed this weekend that the cheap Chinese rope had not stood up well to the Florida sun.   As we had not been moving the rot had gone unnoticed.

New lines are on order.

Also on order:

  • exhaust hose
  • muffler
  • Forward motor mounts
  • Chart plotter flush mount kit
  • Manual oil pressure gauge

Things I have yet to install that are on hand:

  • VHF radio
  • RAM mic for VHF
  • AIS transceiver
  • New secondary halyard for topping lift
  • Hold down straps for gear in cabin

The kicker is we were not planning to go out this weekend and I had a feeling we are not going to be working on her for at least a month or two as the baby is really close, but the dock masters call has pretty much made a visit go on the schedule.

We also need to contact a diver to clean her bottom and I have to tune the rig with my new Loos gauge and we need to measure and order a mainsail cover.    Mehhhh….

I think we will just go out Friday and eat at Chef Larrys after we put on the new lines and then come home.  I have a lot of work to do around the house to prepare for our little girls arrival.


Last night (Monday) Lori and I took a tour of Winnie Palmer hospital since we plan on delivering there.  A very nice hospital.

Lori and the view from the 10th floor.

Lori and baby girl with the view from the 7th floor.

After the tour ended around 9 pm we were sitting in the waiting room of the Triage area filling out Lori’s preregistration paperwork.  As she filled in the blanks a lady came to the admissions counter and stated she thought the baby was coming. This got our attention and we both looked up just as her water broke.   Wow, never seen that happen before and it kinda brings it all home…..

God bless…..

I ache all over.

Oh, were to start.

First let me say thank you to my brother Dana for coming out to help us today.   We could not have got things done with out his patient assistance.

Whats up.

Day 1

Saturday started bright and early with me getting up at my normal hour and running to the store for vittles, gasoline and ice.

I got home after 8am and Lori was ready to go.   We loaded the Escape with the goodies and the pups as well not a small number of boat parts.

Loaded, gas, cooler with watermellon, 5 gallons of Ice water.

Loaded, gas, cooler with watermelon, 5 gallons of Ice water.

We headed out,  not to Titusville but to Daytona. The reason, to visit a prospective new marina.    After 55 minutes we arrived, a nice marina only 2 blocks from the beach and close to Ponce Inlet so we can do some ocean sailing as well as being only 10 minutes further from the house than Titusville.  Sweet.  The downside, no room,  we are on a waiting list now and it may take a year to get a slip.


After checking out the nice marina we were off to Westland in Titusville to get to work.

Cobbled Together.

The last few weeks I had run into some roadblocks with parts but now we had everything or so we thought.

First we had to do the fuel system.

New deck fitting to go with the new  filler hose below deck.

New deck fitting to go with the new filler hose below deck.

I installed the Carborator I had just cleaned, as well as a new inline filter between it and the fuel pump.

12 o'clock- carburetor center- fuel filter 3 o'clock- fuel pump

12 o’clock- carburetor
center- fuel filter
3 o’clock- fuel pump

From the fuel pump I ran a hose back to the primary fuel filter and water separator.

Big filter

Big filter

Then from there a line back to the new fuel valve installed in the galley near the fuel tank.

Perfect fit, this was taken before I labeled the valve up all nicely.

Perfect fit, this was taken before I labeled the valve up all nicely.

From the valve I ran the final piece of fuel line back to the tank.  All fuel line being 1A Marine rated.

New fuel tank with new filler hose in place.

New fuel tank with new filler hose in place.

After finishing the install of the entire fuel system I then installed the water lift muffler I bought online. It fit like a glove.  Easy.

Then finally went in the raw water strainer and anti siphon loop for the cooling system.  The motor was ready to go.

I put 5 gallons of gasoline in the tank using my trusty shaky siphon, I bought a new shaky as I had left the old on the Clew when we sold her.

I then bypassed the safety switch on the fuel pump until I saw fuel in the glass filter near the carb,  I did this as I did not want to have the engine crank as the pumps filled up the primary filter and fuel lines.  It took about 15 seconds or so it seemed.

Then she was ready to start.

I only ran her for a few short minutes (the hobbs said 5) at idle, then I shut her down for the night.  It was time for dinner.

After dinner we got back to the boat and I reinstalled the galley, drawers and all.  We then made out the bed from the Salon table,  a first for us sleeping in the salon as Lori is having trouble with the entry and exit from the Vberth at this point in her pregnancy.

Day 2

Sunday morning we woke after a good nights sleep looking up at the brightening sky thru the bomar hatch in salon overhead.

I got up and enjoyed making a nice cup of coffee and breakfast for us both.

I turned on the pressurized water as I had hooked it up the night before but because we use the foot pump I did not test.  Sure enough I hear the pump kick on for a minute and then cut off.  I turned the tap, water.  Yay..  Closed the tap as the pressure dropped and the pumped kicked in again and then hear a “snap, hissssss” that emanated from someplace under the cabin sole.  Turned the knob, no water… Uggg, we now have a broken water line.  No real bother since the foot pump works fine but I will need to fix it eventually.

As I was still enjoying my coffee I took the time to clean up a bit, it is amazing the amount of stuff you accumulate on a boat.  Tools, hardware old and new, more hardware, sealers, hardware, drill bits, hardware..  I sorted and cleaned up enough of it to at least give us use of the navigation station again.

After fiddling with the Nav station I sorted out the shift linkage that was loose under the companionway ladder. Adding a washer and tightening everything down allowed us to properly work transmission.

We decided to try out the shifting and test the reverse in tied in the slip.  We were hoping to get everything sorted and have Dana come out and help us as Lori can’t work deck at the moment. However we needed to ensure the transmission functioned properly before he drove out as we would hate to have him waste the trip.

To test the transmission we needed to start the motor, I took this as a good time to teach Lori how to do it.

As I walked her thru it she ended up sitting in the cockpit and hitting the start and the motor fired to life.  She ran like a champ.  We let her idle a bit and then Lori put her in Forward, clunk, the motor jumped a bit but the shaft started to turn, odd that jump wiggle, it appeared to be at the front of the motor.

Lori then pushed the shifter into reverse,  nothing, I would need to adjust the reverse settings in the transmission.  Not the end of the world as this is something that pretty much always needs adjusting after a rebuild.

As we discussed this with Lori in the cockpit and me looking down at the transmission linkage with the motor running I head an alarm. “Beep Beep Beep….Warning Carbon Monoxide Detected”.  It was the CO alarm we installed over a year ago, it works and  Oh my, we have and exhaust leek.

After shutting off the motor, tossing the dogs out into the cockpit and setting up the fans to blow fresh air into the boat as the bilge blower sucked old air out the alarm went out.

I looked about and it appears we have a hose and muffler failure.

This is the exhaust hose and a couple/ flapper as it runs to the transom you can see water leaking from the failed hose.

This is the exhaust hose and a couple/ flapper as it runs to the transom you can see water leaking from the failed hose.

I order 25 feet of new exhaust hose.  At this point I don’t want to risk any old hose on the boat.

We also had a small water leak at the base of our new to us  but used stainless water lift muffler.  I will be calling some local shops and see if it can be repaired.  A new stainless muffler cost more than $350 and a fiberglass replacement $175.   Hopefully we can fix it.

Following this revelation I went ahead and adjusted the reverse on the transmission and Lori and I went next door to Titusville City marina.   After talking to those folk we decided to move over there and save $2 a foot in slip fees,  we would just have to ride in the cockpit and not go below. We called Dana and requested he come out to help.

Dana arrived and we cast off the lines and crept out of our slip.

At idle speed the Bell hardly moved and she had a loud knocking as we added turns.   Ugg..

I believe the forward motor mounts are shot.  These came with the boat and I reused them in a fit of economy. I think the moment we put her in gear the torque on the motor was too much and we lost alignment.  Uggg..  New motor mounts are needed.

We limped into our new slip about 5 fairways away, a new marina under our own power.

New marina

New marina

Here she sits.

Here she sits.

Funny enough no CO alarm but the exhaust did leak a bunch of water.