Hurricane Danny

With Hurricane Danny swirling out there we thought it best to visit the boat this weekend and double up the dock lines  (added a second set), and stowed our solar panel below so it will not blow away.

We have been avoiding trips out to Titusville due to the summer heat and baby girl.  This weekend was no exception.  We waited until after 6pm and for the temps to drop below 90 and made the trek out.   Wow it was hot out there.  After only a few minutes on the bench in the shade Lori had to take Elizabeth into the marina laundry room to soak up some air conditioning.   It may have only been 86 but you could cut the humidity with a knife.

Cutting Board

Another reason for our visit was to take some photos of our factory original cutting board and stove.   I recently received an email from Catalina Direct asking for such photos,  if they like our board we will ship it to them and they will use it as a template for making replacements and we get a new board in the process.

Our old cutting board installed in the Princess stove. It flips up.

Our old cutting board installed in the Princess stove. It flips up.

Of course in the process of going below and taking photos I discovered it was 100 degrees inside the boat as per the bulkhead thermometer.   Yikes.

Titusville Marina

What a depressing place to visit.  When we first moved in a few years ago with our last boat the marina was jammed packed.  I remember only having one or two choices of slip locations as they must have been over 90% full.

When we moved the Bell in a few months back I would say they were about 65% to 70% full but now since the “Live Aboard” fiasco the city has enacted the place is probably only 25-35% full.   There sure is no waiting at the laundry room for a machine or the bathroom for a stall.

A prime example of “We are the government and here to help”.  Glad these types don’t run our healthcare system….  Ohh………

With such nice facilities and docks and a decent ships store the marina is probably one of the only things Titusville had going for it, even if it was a loss leader it was one of the few bright spots. Sad.


After putting on our dock lines and listening to a power boater on the next dock berate his girlfriend like an ass we loaded up in the Escape and went to dinner.

We decided to try “Village Inn”  a Denny’s like restaurant in Titusville that has a lot of pies.   Yummy pies, even strawberry rhubarb.  Unfortunately we were so full by the time for pie came about we left without trying a slice.

Baby Girl and a Bottle

Baby Girl and a Bottle

Village Inn Titusville.  Feeding Elizabeth,  what a sweetheart.

Village Inn Titusville. Feeding Elizabeth, what a sweetheart.

Of course since we did take the time to double our lines, no hurricanes this year, that is how it works…..