And Two Months Later.

Saturday afternoon we finally got out to the Lori Bell after a long absence.

She looks good except a little mildew on her decks from lack of use.

We have  a diver who keeps her bottom and prop clean and checks the zinc on the shaft for us. He gave us a call and said all was well when he had checked things just that morning.

Once there we unloaded all our stuff and then proceeded to Chef Larry’s for dinner.  Unfortunately for us there was the Titusville Christmas parade and it bared our way from Larry’s.

Atomic 4 work and Electronics work

First thing Sunday morning I installed the new fuel pump and fuel pressure gauge.  She started right up with the new pump in place.  It is good to diagnose a problem correctly.

As she ran I checked the voltage on the batteries,  unfortunately there was no charging coming from the alternator.  Another casualty to the lightning strike.

I then spent the remainder of the day installing the VHF radio and AIS, unfortunately we are using the AIS antenna for the VHF as the mast top whip was destroyed in the strike.

Monday morning I replaced the alternator with the spare and also replaced the sender for the fuel gauge.

Pup Takes a Swim

After working on the boat Sunday we wanted to take baby girl to check out the lights at the park here in Titusville.   Unfortunately as we were putting the dogs leashes a squall rolled in. We had to delay for a bit.  By the time things had cleared it was after 9pm.   The park had closed for the night an no lights for Elizabeth to ooggle at.

After picking up a snack and returning to the marina we were making our way to the boat.   Lori had Elizabeth in her life vest and myself with the two dogs.

Abby, being a bit of a free spirit decided to make the jump from the dock to the boat before being told.   As she had run ahead she did not have enough slack I let go of her leash to allow her to make the jump.  Her front paws made it but her rears did not and down into the water she plunged.

As far as I know was is her first ever swim.  She paddled around a bit until I went down the diver ladder at the end of the dock.  She noticed me and swam on over and I fished her out.  Only getting wet from the waist down myself.

Suffice it to say Lori was a bit excited.

Sea Trials

After Lunch today (Monday) we took the Lori Bell out for a second sea trial on the new motor.

After the first sea trial I had to tighten some bolts on the prop shaft, replace the fuel pump and adjust the reverse band in the transmission.

This 1.5 hour trip was much smoother, with no rattle or knocks and the motor running smooth up to about 1700 rpm and 5.3 knots.  There appears some tuning issues as we should be able to get about 2100 rpm and 6.5 knots with the screw we have.     I will have to do some research into what steps to take to optimize thing but we are definitely on the way.  At idle of 900 rpm she moves at 3.3 knots and evens makes 2.3 knots into the wind.


And now some baby photos.

As we were out motoring back and forth we saw a few dolphins about.     They were a few 100 feet away so no good photo opps were had.  On returning to the marina we saw another dolphin swimming closer to the boat hunting fish.

At one point it came mostly out of the water with a fish in its mouth, pretty neat.    If you look you may see a fin in one of these photos.

In Closing

It was a very productive long weekend.  We are to the point were we are starting to discuss our first overnight trip.

Plans are to get the sails up on day one and sort some loose ends on the run.

Lori Bell under power from an inboard is much more manageable than the Knot was with her outboard.   Although not the best in reverse she easy to control in the marina even with a 10 to 15 knot cross wind.

Also the Bell is a lot more stable a platform than our old Catalina 27, the additional ballast and beam make her much more pleasant.

What is Next.

What will the next week bring?  Will be participate in the Christmas Boat parade?  Will we take a trip to St Augustine, New Smyrna, Melbourne, Cocoa?  We have yet to decide.