A Feat of Strength and Rain

Superbowl weekend started off with sailing.

I was able to install our new hatch over the stuffing box.  I made it out of starboard, 3/4″ thick even though 1/2″ would do.


Abby approves of our new hatch cover.

We had Dana and Dawn come out to join us for a the day on the water.  We cast off the lines and went sailing, but first I had to pump out.


Here I am Clark, pumping out my holding tank.

Very few get to witness the spectacle that is a holding tank pump out.

The winds were light with drizzle and overcast but out we went regardless.   Again ran south on foresail only.   Dana was at the helm.


Dana in control

As the rain picked up all three ladies and the pups stayed dry down below.


As they enjoyed the comfort of the cabin I took a bit to fiddle with our new video camera.


And this horrible fiddling with a boat hook.

And more good pictures.




Baby Elizabeth performing a feat of strength doing arm hang from the companionway hatch.



I will probably edit this later and add content.