Work Day, better than no day at all.

Having to work this coming weekend I had this Monday off.   We ventured out to the Bell to check things over and get a few odds and ends done.


Grrrr, daddy goes Grrr.

Baby Tethering

The first order of business was making up a baby tether.    1 meter long and also good for adults on night watch or used with Jacklines.  For this I cut a piece of spare halyard and whipped the ends.    Attaching them to true climbing carabiners with halyard hitches.


I need to check dads work.

Baby girl checking my work some more.

Ram Mic

After making up the tether we installed the Ram Mic for our VHF.    A 1″ hole saw and some butyl bedding and all was well.


RSM Micr, now we can hear the VHF in the cockpit and she puts out better than the handhelds we have been using.

After the Mic I wanted to install the folding padeye to tether the little one to.


I headed for the marinas ships store and bought the required nut and bolts and a ice cold Coke.   Being brilliant I put said Coke in my pant leg pocket for the stroll back to the boat.

On getting back aboard I took a seat in the salon, pulled out the Coke and opened it, to have it foam up and cover me with soda.   Lucky for us we keep a spare set of clothing aboard, the “husband is messy stash” as I like to call it.


Freshly rinsed out in the sink, hanging dry.


After my journey into laundering I drilled the 3 holes and mounted the padeye.


Folds down, thru bolted with 1/4 bolts, this should hold a few hundred pounds. Bedded in butyl.

I may install a second one on the port side and use them as the aft point for jacklines.


Tether and Padeye.

Now we can secure Elizabeth in the cockpit.


Hey pops, I can do this.


Other odds and ends.

The head knocker removed going to the head.  A little less privacy traded for a few less bumps.


The divider and folding door are no longer installed.

I also install 2 tubes to hold boat hooks and fishing rods etc.  I used a 10 foot drain pipe purchased at Lowes for $8.


Boat hooks properly stowed.

Not the best photo as it was taken late in the day.  These tubes are hanging in the quarter berth in easy reach of the companionway.


Checked on our life vests. I think I need to order a recharge kit and fire off these as they getting old. I am thinking 4 years is a good rotation.

And my two lovely ladies.


Lori and Elizabeth, mugging for the camera.

More sailing required. 

We took a quick trip out to the boat this weekend.

Life with the tike and family events has been keeping us busy, but this weekend we found the time.

Baby on board!

A good example how quick babies grow up is on out last visit in February Elizabeth was not very mobile.  She just hung out with mom or dad.

This trip we discovered what it is like to have a near toddler aboard.


“Mmm, Coffee mug.”


“Dish Soap, oh i need to check that out.”

Lizzy now crawls at great speed and is close to walking unaided.

This weekend she discovered she loves the boat. The galley is just the right height for her to get at everything from the salon side. Also the shelving and cushions make for a ready made ladder. (Yes she has climbs and has remarkable upper body strength.) There is quite literally nothing in the salon she can not reach and examine. Supervision is surely required.
Child wrangling

Lori and I need to do some more work to assure Lizzy stays safe.

We have a proper vest with a locator strobe already attached. Here are some thing we need to do.

  • Make up tether and install D ring in cockpit so she is not able to climb around when in the cockpit. This will also be handy for Lori and I if we stand night watches on passage.
  • Install netting on lifelines. If she gets out it would help.  Also with the pups.
  • Lee cloths on the settees and for the V to keep the little one confined.


As it was quite windy when we arrived we did not want to fight with installing the main. Did some housekeeping and checks and cast off.  We ran south for a few hours under a reefed jib.

 On the motor back we had a crow come to visit.

Even after sitting for 2 months the A4 fired right up. In part thanks to our 50watt solar panel keeping our batters topped off and floating a 13.4 volts.


Our motor is humming like a top. The idle has creeped up over time. I suspect this is due to the new rings bedding in. It has 10.9 hours on the meter and the idle is about at 1400 rpm when hot from the 880 rpm I had he dialed in at when in the garage.  I need to adjust the stops.

Parking the Boat

I am starting to get this down. I actually find it easier to park our C30 than the C27 we had.  Here are a few reasons.

  • More weight, she tends to resist gust and falling off the wind better.
  • Inboard motor- real controls for the motor, not fighting tiller and motor. (Can manipulate the motor with my feet)
  • Nice wide side decks make it easy to run for and aft and as the boat is less tender I feel more sure footed. Kiwi grip win.
  • Better slip- our slip allows us to use the entire fairway on approach, our old slip had me worried about grounding as the far side was sea wall.

In closing