A little girl takes a Boat trip.


Last Friday was a big day for Elizabeth.   She woke up just in time for mommy to feed her breakfast and get her dressed in a pretty outfit.  She liked the outfit because it was nice and thin and light.

After breakfast mom put the little girl in the car and took her for a long ride to the beach with her some of her friends.   She got to play and watch the waves roll in and had mom smear stinky sun screen on her.   She enjoyed the beach.

Following her big day at the beach mommy and Elizabeth went home, just in time to meet daddy getting off of work.   Mom, Dad and Elizabeth had dinner before Elizabeth got a bath to get all that sunscreen off.  She was happy not to be sticky anymore.

Little Lizzy watched as mom and dad started to pack bags and  some coolers.  She played with her puppies as they toted all the stuff out into the car.   Then Dad got in the Yellow car with the puppies and Lizzy went with mom in the silver one.  Everyone started driving.   The little girl fell asleep.


Next thing she remembered she was waking up by mommy and daddy talking .  Mom took the puppies out of the car and started to walk them and dad went up the dock to unlock the boat.  It was really dark out (1am).  Mom, dad, Lizzy and puppies all went  down into the boats cabin and fell asleep for the night.

Saturday morning Elizabeth woke up and saw daddy making a big cup of coffee.  After breakfast dad did some crazy stuff to the motor and Lizzy learned how the sliding cabinet in the Galley worked, mom kept her from all the neat stuff tho.  Pepper shakers are just like rattles.

Then there was a noise and the boat motor started. They started to drive away from the dock.  It was very interesting and she passed bridges she had never seen before.


Elizabeth first draw bridge.

As they sailed along Lizzy and the puppies enjoyed watching things go by.


Abby likes the bridge

After an hour or so they came to a second bridge but it was not up and the boat could not get thru,  dad called them on the microphone, Elizabeth realized there were a lot of buttons on it. Then a whistle blew and the bridge opened.


Lizzy’s first active drawbridge.

Not long after the drawbridge the boat turned to the left or port as daddy says and the engine turned off.  Elizabeth was sailing .


Elizabeth sailing

While they were all sailing Lizzy saw Dolphins, Manatees and a lot of fisherman on the water.

They sailed for quite a long time and mom took the little girl down below for a nap and lunch.   The puppies went in and out and got used to the boat.  They explored up front and everywhere.


Lucky checking things out.


Hey, its getting dark and we still are sailing.

As it was getting dark mom and Elizabeth were in the cockpit with dad,  dad had just started the motor as mom steered the boat.  Dad went forward to take down the mainsail  and Lizzy’s big rattle (about 10″ tall) some how fell over the side of the boat.

Elizabeth cried as mom put her below and mom drove the boat in real slow circles as dad tried to get the rattle using a bucket.   After 10 minutes a nice fisherman came over and scooped it up with his net.  Dad said he needs a fishing net.

After getting her rattle back mom and dad parked the boat.  They said it was too late in the  day to get thru the next bridge.

Everyone went up the dock to have dinner.   Lizzy got some mashed potatoes and vegetables and her favorite cheerios as mom and dad had sirloin.  Following dinner it was to bed for the night.


When she woke up in the morning the little girl had breakfast with mom as dad drank some more coffee.   Rain was coming from the look of the clouds.  The boat motor started back up and they were off again.

This day there were a lot of clouds and Elizabeth started to walk around the cockpit.  She then notice her life jacket was clipped to a rope and that was clipped to a ring. Wait, had she been tied in this entire time?   It was fun because now she could stand up and look forward and see were they were going.  All the neat things going by.

They went under another bridge after dad called it on the radio.  And then Elizabeth was able to see a light house.


Ponce Inlet Light

Lizzy even figured out how to push buttons on the chart plotter and make it move around.  It was neat but not touch screen like mom and dads phones so not as fun.

It started to rain really hard so mom and the little girl went below with the puppies  and dad put on a nifty yellow jacket.   Before long they were at their new dock.


Lori Bells new home.

It is a nice place in the mangroves, so should be pretty safe from Hurricanes.

Mom and dad told the Lizzy  it was close to the beach.


Mom went and took a shower and Elizabeth got to help dad fill out the log books.


Loving it.


Really dad, you had these same books in the Navy? Your joking?

After dad took a shower everyone got into the Mustang and the entire family went home.  It was a fun weekend.


A Quick Fathers Day Visit


Always jump in feet first…

Fathers Day has come and gone and we made a visit to the Lori Bell after a late lunch  at Cracker Barrel.

Things are changing around the marina, we discovered we now have a locking gate on our dock. I guess it is a sign of the times as we have been here years without, one good thing is it will keep the pups from running off even if they jump ship.


Security, pretty sturdy.


Our new main sheet and sail cover.


The only work besides dropping off  the new alternator for the Abomb  was to install a new main sheet.  This was the last bit of running rigging left from when we purchased the boat and it was frayed and pretty much junk.   I did go down to a 3/8″ from 7/16″ line as the old one was just too bulky.  At 72’long it took of a lot of space, just a cumbersome hassle and the size of it made it roll thru the blocks poorly.  Also a bonus is I found a 71′ line on clearance at Sailboatowners.com that war the proper color and size.

Visible in the photo is our new sail cover.  I like how it has the boat name embroidered.


Moon rise over the marina.

As we had arrived late we stayed below enjoying a stiff breeze thru the cabin and let Elizabeth commit mayhem.  At one point she had retrieve a fry pan from the galley and was standing in it as to cook her feet.  Of course before the camera could be brought to bear she had moved on the better things.


Happy to be a Dad, thanks mom for taking our picture.


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