Trip to the Beach


Seaside Visiting

We took jaunt over to the coast for Elizabeth’s third swim lesson.  Unfortunately when we arrived we found another child had vomited in the pool causing it to be closed for the lessons.  Off we went to the beach instead.

As we had baby girl already in her swim suit we hopped over to the beach near the boat.  Pretty nice in that there are very few people compared to most other places on a Saturday.

After setting up our chairs we headed straight for the surf.  At first Lizzy was a bit apprehensive but she loosened eventually.    Splashing in the water and walking into about knee height.  This is good as she is getting use to the water.


Beach baby.. Note this is at NSB earlier in the week and not Wilbur…

Following an hour of playing in the water we retired to our chairs and baby girl fell asleep on moms lap.   A really nice day.

By 3pm we had enough sun and retired to the boater lounge at the Marina,  I was able to watch Tora Tora Tora and play with Elizabeth in air conditioned comfort as Lori took her turn in the shower.    This also was Elizabeth’s first time taking a bath at the marina and everything went smooth.

Once everyone was cleaned up we tried out “Boondocks”  located at the marina.   Outside dining but we were in the shade and had a very nice sea breeze.

We really enjoyed the meal and felt the value was good for the money.  Loved the pitcher of beverage they supplied as we were very thirsty.

Lori Bell

It was low tide as we finished dinner, Lori and baby went to the lounge as I paid a visit to the boat.

Having not moved her since our arrival at our new marina I thought it best to run the Atomic 4.   She cranked up with no problem and I took a few moment to adjust the idle up to 800 rpm as it was down around 500 rpm after I adjusted the linkage to fix the high idle.

I had not realize at first but now understand that there are two adjustment for the idle,  the screw end of the throttle cable and the stop screw on the carb itself.   I had the initially made the throttle cable too short causing a high idle, I then fiddled with the stop screw on the carb to no effect,  this I had set correctly in the garage but I had monkeyed with it since installing the motor on the boat and is what I fixed this weekend.

As the motor was idling I took the time to dig out our dingy anchor.  I tied knots in the rode every foot or so and used it to sound the bottom at our dock.     Our Garmin showed 3.5 feet under the boat.  Since we draw 5’3″ I thought this troubling.

Dropping the anchor in over the side on the forward Starboard side  in line with the depth sounder I showed 3 feet and on the port side I showed 3.5 feet,  our depth sounder appears to be dead on.    This sounding I took just forward of the vberth bulkhead were I installed the sounder.    I then took a sounding in line with the deepest part of the keel,  it showed 4 feet with the anchor coming up with a soft black muck.    So at low tide our keel is in the muck,  no worries as it appears she is not careening over on the keel.

New boat stuff in the works

Had a good week as far as boat parts go.   We have some bungy line holder that we will be installing to tidy up the cockpit as well as the winch rebuild kit in hand.

Through my online lollygagging I have located a new Garhauer Traveler, Boom Vang , engine hatch board and a set on Newly redone interior cushions for the boat.  We are really looking forward to the hatch and cushions as this will take some of the salvage boat feel out of the salon, the Garhauer traveler and Vang will be great,  they were on the list but behind an Epirb and Tiller pilot.  I will just have to wait until later for those.

Beaches, leaks and stuff

No sailing this week although we did stop by the boat on a visit to the beach.


On visiting we found she has been leaking a bit of water from the overhead.  Having rebed the windows and hatches we now have a theory.   As she had sat for years not sailing the bedding around the cheek blocks, winches, clutches and other fittings had degraded but kept tight due to the fact there was no stress applied.     Now that she has sailed quite a number of hours in different wind conditions the bedding on said fittings has come loose under working loads and is allowing water entry.

We will have to start to rebed our deck fitting one at a time.  Eventually we will get her tight, so we hope.

Cockpit and Winches

On our last voyage we discovered the house top winch no longer functions.


Cabin top winch and halyard and sheet rope clutch. Blue line is the main sheet, white the halyard.

I have a tube of superlube and purchased a rebuild kit from Lewmar,  I am almost looking forward to working on it and putting it in good order.

I also purchased a few hangers for the lines left loose about the cockpit.

Ronstan Utility Line Hanger – 2-Pack  

I hope these work out.

Exploring Ponce

Saturday we took Elizabeth to her second swim lesson in Daytona.  It is more of a water familiarization course for her since she is so young.  We try to play with her and get her to not be afraid of being in the water.  The goal is for her to be able to float on her back by the fourth lesson.  I do not know if this is possible but that is the goal.   One thing I have found is she can be pretty amazingly at times so we may get there.
Near the end of her swimming lesson yesterday Lizzy was walking in chest deep water between Lori and myself and starting to blow bubbles.  We plan to arrive early next week as to get more time in the water.
After swim lessons we drove down the beach on RT1 looking for a place to eat lunch.  Ending up at Inlet Harbor restaurant.    Pretty nice with a view and dockage for your boat,  it appeared the docks were full but since we were in the car all was good.  Very good fish tacos.


After a late lunch we stopped by the marina to pay for the slip and had a good talk with the dock master.     There was a nice SE wind blowing and I opened up the Bell to let her air out a bit.   Even during the heat of the day it was very pleasant in the slip, unlike Titusville in that it most of the time there was a baking feel.

Lori and I grabbed some hats and sunglasses off the boat and loading Lizzy in the stroller walked over to the beach.

Wilbur-By-The-Sea is pretty nice as there are no hotels and few condo’s.  Mostly homes with limited on street parking so the result is an empty beach.    We camped in our chairs for about 2 hours, with Lizzy taking a nap wrapped in a blanket on Lori’s lap.   What a sweet little girl.