Survival, luck and prep pay off.

Last week we had Matthew blow up the coast of Florida.   It seemed to bounce off the Cape  a little and loose some speed due to eye wall replacement just as it hit Ponce inlet.  We were lucky.    By Friday afternoon we here in central Florida were clear of the storm.

I work for a utility so have been working since  2pm Friday as long as we have daylight.  Towing a generator out to a site in Daytona beach Sunday I was able to take 10 minutes and stop by the boat.


Worlds most famous beach. No power.

The Marina office took a bit of damage.


If you look you can see the roof and soffit were ripped open like a can. Our mast is the one to the right.

The Lori Bell came out unharmed.   We lost one fender to the storm and had some sawdust on deck from the boat rubbing on the dock piles but otherwise she was fine.

Our northern neighbor lost his mast.


No mast and some floating debris.


If you you can see some mast damage on other boats.

I went below to check things out.   Our batteries were sitting at 12.18v which is roughly 60% discharged according to table.  However the volt meter is at the switch and not on the individual cells so this may be less than accurate.   I suspect due to the differing age of all the cells in the bank on is failing and dragging the rest down.  I do intend to replace all 3 cells when it does go so their ages match.

The cabin was a mess.    It appeared as if someone had taking the boat  and shook it like a tambourine.   Gear was scattered  all about the cabin.   I took the time to clear the base of the companionway ladder and put the solar panel back out on deck.  The batteries bounced up to 12.8 volts immediately so I know the panel still works.

Whats Next

We really need to spend some time cleaning up the boat and doing some maintenance.  She needs an oil change and I need to install the tiller pilot and new traveling and vang.

Maybe we can get her ship shape and take a trip to St Augustine and Jax before years end.

Well, my break is over.  Time to get back to work.


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