Checking up on the Bell

No pictures today.

Goo in the bilge
We got hit by hurricane Mathew, no damage but the inside was a mess. Working for a utility I was busy the month after and besides a stop by to check on things have not been to the marina until today as I am now on Vacation.. 😀

Today I spent 2 hours picking up the cabin, it appeared the boat had been lifted and shaken around like am xmas gift in the possession of a 2 year old. Books, stoves, anything not nailed down was strewn about.

Checked the oil (going to change it pretty soon) and it looked good, at the full mark, checked the coolant in the exchange and it was at a the correct level.

Decided to check the auto bilge pump before firing up the motor. It worked but there appears to be a thick black goo on the top of the bilge water (the boat makes fresh water when it rains).

I am worried it is oil but am not sure, it could be sludge growth in the fresh water.  I may just have to get the shop vac and skim the top off to avoid making a mess in the marina.

New Cushions

Pulled off the excess old cushions today and put in the new ones.  Wow, what an improvement.  They work perfectly.  Boat looks a lot less cluttered.

Galley Clean out.

Before Elizabeth joined us we spent a lot of weekends working on the boat.  Now we hardly get out to it.  I hope this trend reverses but it may not for a few year.   As it is we had a lot of food stuffs in the galley that had spoiled.    I cleaned everything out today,  you can actually access the useless Icebox (pretty nice) and there is a semblance of order.

Next up

  • Oil Change
  • cooling anode change
  • clean head- check for function
  • reinstall electronics
  • install tiller pilot
  • install sails
  • Take trip to St Augustine after xmas.