Swab those Decks!

Life as a way of getting ahead of us and sometimes we forget why we enjoyed doing things.  Case in point is SV Lori Bell.

On our last trip out we noted a nice thick layer of scum growing on the decks and gunnels.   Deep inside I knew we had to go out and give her a scrubbing and I need to get her A4 back in running condition.  Making the time is an entirely different animal.

Last weekend we took a day and went out and enjoyed the beach and the boat.


Sitting at our favorite spot at high tide we watched this fellow para surfing.  Interesting to not the can sail himself into the wind much like a sailboat.  We witnessed him getting about 30 to 34 degrees to windward and moving fast.  Looks very fun and left us curious if it was physically more intense than standard surfing.

We all love the beach,  even if it is only about 70 with 20+ knots of wind and the water is cold.




Here I am doing my swab thing.  I have a better brush someplace in the vast area that is the Q berth but went with the one readily at hand.

Lizzy found a trove of toys from the last few trips out.  Kept her well occupied below with the help of mom.

Our activity of throwing berries and dead crabs overboard and washing the boat brought us attention from the local Pelicans.   We were all pretty stoked to see them, as one thing we miss about sailing is interaction with the wildlife.  Even if it is just birds.

I like this photo.

Lizzy thinks I need to stow some lines and clean up the dead crabs.


Well that is the trip.   She looks better and the topside is again in order stem to stern.  We will need to start working below next trip.  Maybe in two or three visits new projects beside the motor and we be on the list.

One discussion we had was marina location.  We love our slip and that our marina is a walk to the beach. The problem is that at 5′ we can not get out except a high tide.  There are cheaper and more easily accessed slips in the area, but none with the a location location location.

Temptation is to put a wing keel on Lori Bell or replace her with something with a dagger board as to enable us to keep the slip.   It would be worth is in a lot of ways.