About the BLOG and S/V LoriBell

This blog is about the sailing and maintaining our boat.  Mostly at this point maintaining because well the boat, as purchased was a wreck and a basket case.  Hopefully we will be sailing more and working less but that stage has yet to materialize.

S/V LoriBell. (Sailing/Vessel) 1978 Catalina 30, Hull Number-1179

  • Motor- 1976/64 vintage Atomic 4
  • Rig-  Standard Rig, not Tall
  • Keel- 5’3″ Draft Fin 4250 lbs of pB
  • Displacement- 10200 lbs unladen without coconuts
  • Height above Water Line- 45′ but we will say 48′ to be safe




Ships moto “Every Good Thing


9 thoughts on “About the BLOG and S/V LoriBell

  1. I have a Catalina 30 too! a little older than yours but still in pretty good shape! I have a blog as well if you are interested in seeing how I am restoring it… it is NautaBytes.blogspot.com . I would love to hear your take on what I am doing. I have added your blog to my reading list, and I am enjoying reading about your adventures!

    • Good job on the blog. I have to figure out how to load it in my reader, hmm.. I should make some links in the sidebar but until then your on the sailing blog page.

      Love your boat, seems to be in much better shape than our wreck…

  2. Hi guys! I just came across your blog, which got my interest since we own a 1987 Catalina 30 that we purchased in November, 2009. We’ve been SLOWLY working on her in our spare time and we’re prepping her for coastal cruising. After being in the boatyard for just over a year, we hope to “splash” in next week or two and then start a ton of other projects that can be done in the marina. I noticed a goal of just over 7 years … is that to live and cruise on your Catalina?

    Fair Winds!

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