Cushions, Baby, Fish Sandwich and Storms.

Interior Cushions

A few weeks ago I picked up a set of interior cushions through the Catalina 30 Owners Facebook group.

As they needed to be mailed the seller removed the foam and just sent the outer shells.   We had to order new 3″ foam online.  This turned out to be a good thing as we were able to source a very firm 16+ year foam for a fraction of the local price from

It came vacuum packed (free shipping) and as soon as we opened it expanded 300%.  Sorry, forgot to photograph this.

I then placed the cushions for the Salon on the foam (inside out to keep from leaving sharpie marks) to plan our cuts.

One full sheet of foam pretty well did all the cushions for the salon.  I imagine it would take  1 sheet to do the vberth and another for the quarter birth.  At $125 a sheet the improvement on 30 year old foam is not to bad.  We will probably redo the vberth next.

We used a Electric kitchen knife with Pam on the blade to do the cuts,  very easy, like butter.

Here they are packed into the back of the Escape along with the new fender boards.




After running by the polling place and casting our votes we drove out to the marina and had dinner at Boondocks.

I really enjoyed their fish Rueben.


After dinner we dropped off the cushions at the Lori Bell and worked on getting her ready for the possibly approaching tropical storm.  The sun had just set.


After sunset from the cockpit.

We took the time in the dark to remove the main sail and stow it below.   I then wrapped the furling jib with the spare halyard to protect it from high winds.   We added some dock lines and also added a proper fender board where the boat touches the dock piling.

It was a late night but a least we are prepared for the coming storm.

It is a “Sail Boat” after all.

Last weekend we had 4 days off due to holidays and such.    As it was on the first day we took it easy packing up and not getting out to Lori Bell until later in the afternoon.


The weather was fairly nice but cool and with winds out of the NNE at about 10 knots.

I spent the morning fiddling with electronics and watching baby girl.   I think she enjoys our time at the boat due to the close proximity of puppies and mom and dad.  All pretty much within reach.

Lori ventured off to take a shower at the marina wash room, a routine operation that turned into a event in itself.   She got to talking to some of the other boat folks when one of the ladies had a medical emergency, Lori and others assisted.   When she got back from the shower she asked me “Did you not worry I was gone for two hours?”  My response is I thought she was probably talking to someone and I was enjoying playtime with Lizzy.

After her return and lunch I went up on deck and fiddled with the rigging tension and pinned the backstay turnbuckle. Completing the rigging adjustment.  I then installed the Genoa and sheets on the furler.


By the time I had finished my little chore it was getting close to 3pm and the wind was picking up.  Our slip at D129 was getting pretty rough as the wind was at the perfect direction and the waves traveled pretty much unimpeded from the Indian River.  Lori Bell was rolling.

Lori and I went to the office and got a list of available empty slips and walked the docks, deciding on a new location to move that would be smoother.

After deciding to give A dock a try again we got the boat going and headed out for what would be our first sail in her.   Leaving the marina the chop and wind picked up and looking at the clock it was almost 4pm.  Sunset was 5:36pm so feeling a bit less adventurous I turned the boat around and brought her into A-30,  our new slip and the only one left vacant on A dock.

A-30 just happens to be kitty corner to A-6, the slip the Clew was in that is now vacant.

Securing the boat in the slip I spent some time moving the dock lines and such from the old slip and moving gas cans and odd stuff from the dock box.

Heading to the shower before Chef Larry’s for prime rib I realized we had spent another day on the boat and not sailing.  Oh well, at least we moved the boat and ran the motor.


As we slept Saturday night snug under our quilt with 2 puppies keeping us warm we could here rain on the overhead and hatches and the wind in the rigging.

The morning proved more of the same, wind, rain and cold.  We spent the morning drinking coffee, eating oatmeal and pretty much relaxing.  As lunch approached we decided it would be a good time to head over to the KSC and us our passes will expire at the end of the month.  IMAX was calling us.

We bundle baby girl up and off we went.


My first trip to NASA.


Orion Capsule.


Lori and Elizabeth with Mars in the background.

We were able to see a presentation by Astronaut Marcos Pontes.  He was great and had some good questions and answers after.  I really liked his answer to the question of if he believed in god.   Very impressed.

Here is a lnk to his bio.

We were able to get a photo with him and Elizabeth.


By Monday morning the rain had moved off.  It was a perfect day.

First thing I did was mount the main sail.


Our new main.


After putting the main on I took some measurements to allow the ordering of a new sail cover and then we went out sailing.

We motored out of the marina to the ICW channel.  Unfurling the jib we sailed without the motor for a few hours heading south.  Lori Bell was making a good 4 knots with the sail partially furled and she was staying very flat and comfortable.

I decide not to use the main or more headsail since we were going to have to motor back against the wind.  May as well take it easy.

This was the first time Elizabeth has ever sailed and all of us having our first trip on Lori Bell.

I wonder how many years it really has been since our C-30 has sailed? The rig was is such horrible shape and the boat was just being used as an apartment when we bought her I imagine it has been many years.


Mid Week Update- List and a tidbit.

So now for a short mid week update.

I received a call from our new Dock master,  we need to replace our dock lines.   We noticed this weekend that the cheap Chinese rope had not stood up well to the Florida sun.   As we had not been moving the rot had gone unnoticed.

New lines are on order.

Also on order:

  • exhaust hose
  • muffler
  • Forward motor mounts
  • Chart plotter flush mount kit
  • Manual oil pressure gauge

Things I have yet to install that are on hand:

  • VHF radio
  • RAM mic for VHF
  • AIS transceiver
  • New secondary halyard for topping lift
  • Hold down straps for gear in cabin

The kicker is we were not planning to go out this weekend and I had a feeling we are not going to be working on her for at least a month or two as the baby is really close, but the dock masters call has pretty much made a visit go on the schedule.

We also need to contact a diver to clean her bottom and I have to tune the rig with my new Loos gauge and we need to measure and order a mainsail cover.    Mehhhh….

I think we will just go out Friday and eat at Chef Larrys after we put on the new lines and then come home.  I have a lot of work to do around the house to prepare for our little girls arrival.


Last night (Monday) Lori and I took a tour of Winnie Palmer hospital since we plan on delivering there.  A very nice hospital.

Lori and the view from the 10th floor.

Lori and baby girl with the view from the 7th floor.

After the tour ended around 9 pm we were sitting in the waiting room of the Triage area filling out Lori’s preregistration paperwork.  As she filled in the blanks a lady came to the admissions counter and stated she thought the baby was coming. This got our attention and we both looked up just as her water broke.   Wow, never seen that happen before and it kinda brings it all home…..

God bless…..

Lunchtime Update.. No we have not given up.

Baby News

As our little girl grows day by day we are pretty busy.  Where does all the time go?


Calm down.....

Calm down…..

The latest scan shows our little girl is developing perfectly.  All her fingers and toes and good movement and heartbeat.

Baby in the belly...

Baby in the belly…

Motor News

Well, I have yet to find the time and get the engine running. 

A few excuses:

  1. 2 days with temps below 40
  2. a few days of rain
  3. Doctors visits for the baby
  4. Having to waste an afternoon setting up a court date for a bs traffic ticket.
  5. Rehabbed my Trek mountain bike after 9 years of sitting in the garage.   I have been using it to commute to work, feal the burn baby…

All that said I have been working hard to get the control panel and wire harness done.   I wil supply some pictures of the panel later when I get to turning up the motor.   

I do have motor oil in the motor, I now need to finish wiring the control panel so I can get the required 20lbs of of oil pressure and then start her up.

Motor in the Raw

Motor in the Raw

After she is idling well we will need to schedule a day with the boatyard to drop her into the boat and also step the mast.

Fuel tank-

We have opted to replace the original fuel tank (30+ years old) and found the best price for a replacement is from Catalina Yachts.  They manufature over in St.Pete so I gave them a call and they said the could  fabricate a new tank for $380+ shipping.  This is good since they have our boats specs and we know it will fit.    

Funny thing is a week after they said it was going to ship we had not recieved the tank or been billed.  I emailed the parts fellow and asked if there was an issue, he responded he would call the subcontractor that did their tanks and let me know when it would ship. 

   Sure enough they had some kind of delay and it shipped that day. We now have a nice new fuel tank sitting in our livingroom and Catalina Yachts have yet to bill us for it.  I have let them know we have the tank. Who knows, maybe it is a freebee?

Mast Work

Yes the mast is now finished.

We have done a lot of work refitting the mast and she is ready to be put back on the boat.

In addition to stripping off the flaking white paint and treating it with Alodine to inhibit corrosion here is a list of some of the things we have done starting at the masthead and working down.

  • Installed bird spikes.

    Masthead work

    Masthead work

  • New windvane
  • New LED anchor light
  • New ball bearing sheaves
  • New cotter pins
  • New Forestay
  • New Backstay
  • New upper shrouds
  • New Halyards (3)
  • New topping lift (aft and it will serve as a backup halyard)
  • New masthead VHF antenna
  • New steaming and foredeck light fixture
  • New spreader brackets (CDirect) 
  • New Aluminum spreaders (Catalina Yachts)
  • New Radar reflector on Starboard shroud
  • New deck floodlight on Starboard spreader
  • New signal halyard on Starboard spreader
  • New dedicated AIS VHF antenna on Port spreader
  • New lower shrouds
  • All new interior wiring and coaxial cable with all lights tested
  • All new turnbuckles

When we put the mast up it will be placed on our freshly powder coated mast step with the new stainless plate underneath.  We also have the updgraded lower shroud chainplate kit from Catalina Direct installed.

Completed mast..

Completed mast..

Quite a list.

 In Closing

Hopefully we will have more to report in the next few weeks. 

I depart with a photo of a derelict near Cocoa Village. 

Fixer upper free to good home.

Fixer upper free to good home.

God Bless.