Ships Company

Who are we?


Gary– Myself, and at the moment the only one posting on this blog.

I work for Ma Bell.

In addition to sailing my hobbies include Royal Enfield motorcycles, this line may not really apply as the baby and boat have put the motorcycles into the garage and not on the road.

Lori– My loving wife and the boats First Mate.

Mom,  I will let her fill in more if she wants ya’ll to know.

Elizabeth- The most important crew member.   When we started this blog she was not here but now we are blessed to have her.


Always enter into things feet first…


Abby Dog Our little Jack Russell, she is a ball of energy.


Abby likes the bridge

Here she is plotting against my band aid.

Luck Dog Our newest dog, although he is a year older than Abby. We got Lucky from a no kill shelter. He drools when placed in a motorvehicle but seems ok on the boat.



He is pretty sedate.

2 thoughts on “Ships Company

  1. Mixed feelings to see this boat. I was the original owner. “BOBCAT” was the original name and the boat was sailed out of Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland Ohio. I enjoyed many years sailing the great lakes. I ended up taking the boat to Charleston South carolina in 1982 and ended up selling her there. I hope you get her back into shape soon, good luck,
    Bob York

    • Bob, thank you for letting us know about her history. Lori and I always suspected she was from up north because of the presence of the Force10 space heater.

      We are doing our best to get her into shape, although this haul out we will be falling short of Bristol condition she will be better than she has been in years.

      If your every down our way we would be more than happy to take you sailing on her.

      Thanks again,

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